Pi Chapter at University of Nebraska

Kappa Delta

Academic Excellence

Academics are a top priority for Kappa Delta. The sorority provides members with the resources they need to be their best. 

Each chapter’s academic support program is customized by the chapter and its advisors. Programming options include study sessions, mentoring members in the same major, individual tutoring, incentives for good grades and more. Further, chapters hold an Academic Success Seminar at least twice during the year. Kappa Delta’s academic excellence focus is designed to grow with members throughout their college years, as their needs and areas of concern evolve.

The Kappa Delta Foundation supports our commitment to academics by awarding nearly $450,000 in graduate and undergraduate scholarships, leadership trainings, internships and professional development opportunities each year to Kappa Delta sisters across the nation. These scholarships have been made possible through gifts, funds and bequests to the Kappa Delta Foundation. Visit Kappa Delta’s national website for more information on scholarship opportunities and the application process.


Pi Chapter promotes high academic excellence with all of its members. In the past couple of years, Kappa Delta has made many developments to increase our academic leadership. We have extended our study hours in response to the chapter’s request to do so, expanded the academic excellence chair position to four sisters, and have voted to increase our GPA requirement for good standing in the house to a 2.75.

We have study hours every Sunday through Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Frequently, we hold “study jams” where we provide coffee, smoothies or pizza to sisters during study hours to make it more fun and encourage more sisters to study together that night. We also hold study hours with other recognized sororities or fraternities on campus.

Kappa Delta encourages all sisters to succeed and achieve academic excellence at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. If a sister is struggling with a class, she is encouraged to notify the academic excellence chair so that she can get the help she needs as soon as possible. We focus on providing sisters with all the necessary tools to succeed. This includes providing tutors, study materials, computers, designated study rooms in the house, and mentors to all sisters. Additionally, sisters who get a 3.5 GPA or higher are honored every semester with an academic excellence gift!

Sisterhood is also a huge part of academic excellence. On many occasions, one can walk into Kappa Delta and see sisters studying with each other, and wishing one another “good luck” on tests. We all encourage one another to achieve the best we can both academically and in other areas of chapter excellence throughout our college careers.

-Lorina Amore, Academic Excellence Chair