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Alumnae Life

When you are initiated into Kappa Delta, you become a Kappa Delta for life. Your first phase of membership is as a collegian; your second phase is as an alumna. It is a natural progression from one to the other, and it’s what makes Kappa Delta more than just a four-year club for college women. While many things in your life will change – your career, marital status, place of residence, interests – Kappa Delta will be the constant. 

With over 515 alumnae chapters nationwide, you’re never far from KD. If you’re relocating to a new town, you’ll find a ready-made circle of friends. If you are looking for women with similar values from a variety of backgrounds who build confidence in one another and inspire action in the community, join a KD alumnae chapter. An alumnae chapter combines all the best elements of other civic organizations: social, philanthropic and individual enrichment. 

Explore membership in a Kappa Delta alumnae chapter in your area! Click on this link to locate the nearest alumnae chapter. 


It is the goal of Kappa Delta to build confidence and inspire action in its collegiate members so that once they enter life as alumnae, they will do the same for those around them. Kappa Delta believes that with confidence, women can accomplish anything they set their minds to, and it is that philosophy combined with iron-clad values that inspires Kappa Delta women to live G.R.E.A.T lives as alumnae.

With over 500 alumnae chapters nationwide, you’ll never be far from Kappa Delta. In fact, there are two alumnae chapters starting up in Nebraska right now in the Lincoln and Omaha areas! Check out the bottom of the page for contact information. Alumnae chapters are fantastic organizations that combine all of the best qualities of other civic organizations: social, philanthropic, and individual enrichment. If you are relocating to a new town, an alumnae chapter can provide friendly faces of women who share similar values, build confidence in one another, and inspire action in the community.

In Pi chapter, we desire to have a close relationship with alumnae because we believe that every alumna member has shaped our chapter in a significant way. Without our alumnae, Pi chapter wouldn’t be where we are today! With that being said, a Kappa Delta’s influence on her chapter does not end when she becomes an alumna member. The best way to impact your chapter is to recommend potential new members or get involved with our Chapter Advisory Board and House Corporation Board! In addition, we always encourage alumna members to visit our home or stay connected to the active chapter in other ways such as volunteering to help during recruitment and attending our alumnae events. We host an annual Homecoming Tailgate in the fall and a Founder’s Day celebration in the spring, and we would love to see you there!

For more information about alumnae life and Pi chapter alumnae activities, please contact me at omahakdalumnae@gmail.com. To get connected with other Pi chapter alumnae and stay in the loop on events and activities, join our Facebook page!

Nebraska Alumnae Chapter Info: 

Lincoln Area: Jillian Humphries

Omaha Area: Jillian Humphries