Pi Chapter at University of Nebraska

Kappa Delta

Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

I am so beyond thrilled that your daughter is considering going through the recruitment process, here at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. There are so many reasons that joining the Greek system is an amazing organization to be apart of. Everyone’s story is different, but I would like to take the time to share mine with you. Joining the Greek system here at UNL has been the best decision I have ever made. The Panhellenic community in general are full of amazing women who aspire to achieve greater and better things than the average student. A few things that could show this are: Greek women have the highest academic average amongst other students on our campus, the Greek community participates in more community service hours than the majority of college students everywhere, and lastly they are the most involved on our campus here at UNL. For example every officer of the student government here is apart of the Greek community.

Well has much as the Greek community here has shaped me, Kappa Delta has done so much more. Kappa Delta is a national organization built on the ideas of promotion and perpetuation of friendship. The friendships I have made through Kappa Delta are nothing like my friendships from high school that I thought were “end all, be all.” Kappa Deltas are the girls that I can trust with my secrets, go to for anything, but above all they support me every single day in more ways than I could ever imagine. Without Kappa Delta, I would not have become the leader, academic, and philanthropic women I am today. I think the most important thing you can take away from this letter is that Kappa Delta has the confidence platform. We stand for promoting confidence in women everywhere. Every spring we host confidence week where we have booths for people to sign the confidence pledge stating that they promise to help boost confidence in others while striving to be confident in themselves.  Through this confidence, our members strive to become better versions of themselves by living the Kappa Delta open motto “Ta Kala Diokomen,” which means let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, highest.  I would say the best way our members show that they follow this motto is by going out of their comfort zones and running for leadership positions within our sorority and on our campus. Besides leadership roles in our chapter, our members hold positions in Panhellenic Council, ASUN Student Government, Dance Marathon, Honors Peer Mentors, University Ambassadors, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, business fraternities, honor societies, religious organizations, and so much more. 

Thank you so much for visiting our website and taking an active role in your daughter’s upcoming college years. Whether your daughter chooses to become a Kappa Delta or even Greek rather, what I hope for her college years is that she learns to become a confident and intelligent woman. So with this I leave you with our chapter’s favorite phrase, “go Greek, go confidently, and go KD!”


Cece Duhamel, President