Pi Chapter at University of Nebraska

Kappa Delta

Open Recruitment

Being a member of Kappa Delta Sorority is such an amazing opportunity; we love to share our sisterhood with other women who embody the same values. As such, we have an open recruitment time period if necessary to fill our house to maximum capacity. Open recruitment is significantly more relaxed than formal recruitment; in the past, we've gone ice skating, bowling, or roller skating for open recruitment events! We do this because we understand that it is hard for girls going through recruitment for the second time.

Throughout open recruitment, we take the time to show the girls what Kappa Delta sisterhood can bring to them and find out how they can grow our chapter. Often, open recruitment is a week long time period at the beginning of second semester once we have seniors graduate because that allows us to have extra room for amazing new women. The open recruitment process is filled with a week long of fun packed with exciting activities in which girls have the chance to meet multiple active Kappa Delta sisters. In these events, those going through open recruitment have the opportunity to see what our sisterhood looks like on a daily basis.

Additionally, they will be taken out on what we call “mini dates” so that they can have more personal conversations similar to formal recruitment week. These often take place out at dinner or at the downtown Coffee House. Just like formal recruitment, open recruitment is all about the possible new member’s interest and we try our best to make them all feel welcome. If you didn’t get the chance to see our sisterhood during formal recruitment, feel free to contact us for another chance to be apart of the Kappa Delta sisterhood.

If interested, please contact Vice President-Membership Brittany Oligmueller at pichapterrecruitment@gmail.com.