Pi Chapter at University of Nebraska

Kappa Delta

Our Chapter

Kappa Delta Pi Chapter was founded on April 10, 1920. We currently have 165 active members and continue to grow each year. At Pi chapter we are able to house 71 women. Our live-ins usually consist of council members and the sophomore pledge class.

Our chapter's main goal is to encourage each member to strive for their full potential. You will not find two girls who are the same within these four walls. We are all different but together we form a great sisterhood that can be seen by those around us. There is no telling the amount of love in our chapter. Each of us loves and cares for each other; whether it is a nice note, or someone bringing you coffee when you have had a rough day, someone is always trying to improve your mood.

Being one of fifteen sororities on campus, it is important to be unique and stand out. Kappa Delta Pi Chapter is both of these things, and gives girls a sense of family when they come to college. Having this home away from home is one aspect that makes our house so special to all our members. We are not just making friends, but are forming a lifelong family.

-Rho Gamma