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Kappa Delta

Our Recruitment

Dear Potential New Member, 

Making the decision to go through Formal Recruitment is a big one, a life changing one! I don't mean to sound dramatic, but it's true. Joining a sorority is something that will not only shape your next four years of college but you as an individual.

Being a Kappa Delta means striving each day to be a better version of yourself, it means loving your sisters at their best and their worst. Being a Kappa Delta is going to formals, and study hours, and Bachelor night sisterhoods as often as you can because it is only four years and you will want to get as much out of it as time allows. 

Go into your recruitment experience and understand that it is just that...YOURS. Your journey in the Greek community will be different than your best friend's or your Big Sister's. There is a home for everyone; I just hope that you can find that home here at Kappa Delta.

I hope our website provides you with all the information you need about recruitment, but should you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact me anytime! 

Brittany Oligmueller, Vice President-Membership | pichapterrecruitment@gmail.com