Pi Chapter at University of Nebraska

Kappa Delta


Kappa Delta offers collegiate women a strong support system and encouragement to excel. Chapter members gain the confidence to achieve their dreams and are inspired to action on campus and in the community.

Plus, if you join Kappa Delta, you find sisters for life. Friendship and mutual support are some of the greatest benefits of sorority involvement. Members encourage each other to be their best selves and hold each other accountable.

Best of all, the Kappa Delta experience allows members to meet and learn from others with different backgrounds and interests. It’s sisterhood at its finest!

This strong sense of sisterhood that is so critical during college does not end upon graduation. KD is for a lifetime! With more than 515 alumnae chapters nationwide, Kappa Delta is never far away.




From the moment Pi members are welcomed on Bid Day, there is never a dull moment in the Kappa Delta house.  


When someone asks why you want to be in a sorority, odds are your response includes something about SISTERHOOD. But how can you go from being complete strangers to SISTERS? 

Que Sisterhood committee;

At Kappa Delta, we hold events intended to strengthen the bonds between members of our chapter. Each semester the calendar is packed with opportunities to be surrounded by your sisters. Nothing beats snuggling up in the basement on a Monday night to watch the Bachelor, or the Christmas sisterhood, complete with matching P.J.’s, a visit from Santa, and a white elephant exchange. It can be difficult at times to get to know all of your sisters on a personal level; sisterhoods try and make that process a little easier. One of our new favorite things is “Blind-date” sisterhoods where you're paired with a girl in the house you didn't know very well and given a time and location to meet for coffee or ice cream! This time alone allows you to get to know someone you maybe wouldn't talk to ordinarily, and who knows, maybe she will become your new best friend!

Here's just a few more of our favorite sisterhood events:

  • New Member Slumber Party
  • Cardio Dance class
  • Glow in the dark capture the flag
  • Vala's Pumpkin Patch
  • Yoga Class
  • Bonfire nights
  • Zoo Trips
  • Outdoor movie viewings in the green space
  • Game night
  • Defy Gravity
  • Flag football tournament
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Sister-sorority events with other sororities
  • Facial Spa nights
  • Monthly birthday parties

Big or small, sisterhood events allow you to get to know the amazing women that are a part of your chapter. Being in a sorority provides countless amazing opportunities, but the one that stands out to me is the life long friendships made over the years. Being surrounded by strong, confident women who share your values and ideals, only contribute to making you a better version of yourself. The memories and friends you make now, will be with you for a lifetime.

-Brittany Oligmueller, Vice President Membership