Pi Chapter at University of Nebraska

Kappa Delta

What to Expect as a New Member

The new member period is unlike any other time in a Kappa Delta's membership- it is filled with firsts, and our chapter is excited to celebrate each of these with its newest sisters! The six weeks that encompass the New Member Program are a time to discover lifelong friendships, to learn about the sisterhood of which our new members have just become a part of, and, of course, to have fun!

Kappa Delta's New Member Program is a six week period where new members will learn about their new sisterhood and the legacy of Kappa Delta Sorority. The program is divided into weekly stages that teach new members the history and values of the organization, and focuses on the development of each new member's personal growth, leadership qualities, and devotion to altruistic service. Kappa Delta's New Member Program is concluded with initiation into the sisterhood in a special ceremony that the whole chapter participates in. During this time, each new member will be given a Big Sister to guide her not only in her Kappa Delta membership, but also to guide her through college and eventually life as an alumna. The time commitment during the six weeks of the New Member Program include two chapter meetings (one hour each), weekly stage meetings (two hours each), and three degrees of initiation (no more than one hour each). 

Welcoming new members into our circle is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of the sorority experience- to continue the legacy of Kappa Delta and ensure its success in the future is an honor and responsibility that we look forward to every year. A new member in Kappa Delta can look forward to football games with her sisters, movie marathons in the basement, late night ice cream runs, and a support system that is extremely strong. Above all, she can expect to be surprised by the love and friendship that she will find in these women, and she will know she's found her home away from home. To the Pledge Class of 2021- we can't WAIT to meet you!